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Atelier Shelf

3075.00 SEK

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The Atelier Shelf is our first product to be shared out to public and the shelving system truly shows what were about as designers. Peeling as many layers of as possible and always focusing on the details thru honest and solid craftsmanship. With it's glue-free construction without visible screws were the little wooden block locks the shelfs in it's place and keeps it there. Atelier Shelf is made out of solid oak and works to make your home easier more beautiful and to highlight things that means something to you. It comes in 16 different sizes to fit your idea of the perfect shelf. For this shelving system it's not about being boastful, it's about dancing a beautiful dance together with all your other objects that makes your home, your home.  

The depth of the shelfs are 21 cm and the hight between the shelfs are 25 cm. And remember that a natural material like wood will develop a characteristic patina over time and will grow more and more beautiful while ages. 

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